What is What a Space?

What a Space in a nutshell

What a space is a marketplace of commercial spaces available for temporary shops and events, animated by a community of companies, creatives and professionals that are set on promoting their business in the real world.

What a Space aims to lead a revolution in how the B2B world manages today its sales channels and offline promotion. On the What a Space platform you can easily create your space ad in a few minutes, to find and contact thousands of users that are on the lookout for their ideal location every day.

Are you looking for a space?

Do you want to launch a new product?
Reach your clients at different times and locations throughout the year?
Make yourself known to a targeted audience?

What a Space is what you are looking for!

Through the platform you can explore and navigate hundreds of listings in just a few click. Every time you find a listing that is interesting, you can send a request directly to the Space Owner at zero cost.

The access and consultation of What a Space are completely free, we profit only if you find what you are looking for.
Every time you conclude a transaction with a Space Owner, we will apply a fee of 10% of the net total.

Do you have a space?

Do you want your space to be alive and animated by different events during the year?
Avoid committing yourself to a single tenant for a long period of time?
Make it profitable when you are not using it?

What a Space is what you are looking for!

Add your space in just a few minutes and find thousands of Space Users that are looking for a space to host their ideas and projects.
By filling in all the information and adding pictures, your ad will be online right away! In case your pictures aren’t sufficient or inadequate you can ask for a dedicated photo shoot of your space.
Every time a Space User sends you a request, you will be able to talk to him/her directly through the platform. Easy as pie!

Publishing your ad is completely free. Every time you conclude a transaction with a Space User, we will keep 10% of the net total.